News From Kyekyewere

In May I had a letter from Chief Nana Yaw Boakye II, the Chief of the Village of Kyekyewere.  This was probably dictated or possibly written, to someone at an Internet Cafe to be sent to me.  The following is the letter, as I received it.

Dear Madam,

I NanaYaw Boakye II of Kyekyewere, I have received your letter and I am sorry not to reply your letter early because I was not available, but the contents in it are well noted.

I met the community and I red the letter to then in fat all of them became happy for bee lead that you are coming to build a clinic for the town. 
Madame, may almighty God bless protect and guard you more pressure to achieve your good aim about the Kyekyewere community and Ghana as a where your group pad a visit to Ghana at the year 2007 through Hospitality for Humanity and came down to Kyekyewere affiliate. 

The team help with their strength knowledge and hard work to put about four (4) building for the community and affiliate as a whole I stand on behave of the Kyekyewere and say AYI KOO (Thanks) to all members of the team.
During your farewell ceremony the serious problems facing the community were put before the team such as Water, Health, Electricity, Education and Motor able Road Network.

With all problems, our good Lord touches your heart to assist the community with a health facility by putty a nice Clinic at Kyekyewere as a pharmacist.  I say, thank you for your good aimed upon this big project, what we first is LAND but I do assure you 100% (hundred percent) that Land is not problem and it can never delay the project.  Secondly is the Ministry of Health how to get License as for this I think it will not a big problem because the present Government need more Investors and none Governmental Organize (NGO) to come and help the national so if you come I will go with you personally to the Ministry of Health.

The community, affiliate and I Nana Yaw Boakye II are looking forward of you arrival but try to keep me informed one month before your visit, so that I can prepare fully for your arrival.
I end here with many greeting to you and the family and hopping that this relationship between you and the community will be in progress. 

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
NanaYaw Boakye II

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